About us

History E Gambling

E Gambling was founded in 2013 by two ambitious entrepreneurs from Deventer. From the famous ‘attic’ various websites were launched that focused on providing information for online casino players. The aim of this project was in the beginning in order to gain more experience as an online marketer. However, over time, began to come to the realization that E Gambling a good source of income could be for both men.

The work of E Gambling

The activities of the company are focused on maintaining and optimizing various websites set up by E Gambling. Search engine optimization, design, latest news to make known and collaborations with online casinos establish its important work.


Both men are from Deventer and is the headquarters of E Gambling also located in Deventer. E Gambling has a focus on countries in the world, however, is to bring this fine line from its headquarters in the Netherlands.

Legal Markets

Since E Gambling focuses on online casino players will also have to focus on markets that are regulated or will be soon regulated. Team E Gambling spent a lot of time to “safe gaming” since online gambling also risks entails. On every page of the E Gambling is written extensively about the dangers of online gambling.